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Warning: I know I call all my writing rambling, but this one? Oh, this one will DEFINETLY take the prize. It WILL be messy and I WILL talk from both sides of my mouth.

One of the (veeeery few) constants I’ve had in Scandal was my love AND adoration for Fitz. I have always, from the very start, loved him. Like Cyrus said, I worshiped at his altar. I still love him and very probably will continue to do so until the end of Scandal. Let’s face it, the man has already killed an old lady (yes she was Satan’s mistress, but she was STILL an old lady) AND humiliated the love of his life; but I still love him. What can Shonda POSSIBLY write that would make me hate Fitz?

While watching the AfterbuzzTV aftershow (which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Every gladiator needs to watch them after Scandal), I finally recognized something that was bugging me but I couldn’t really put my finger on it. You see, for these last two episodes I have 100% understood Fitz reasoning, but I couldn’t get behind his actions. It felt off, it didn’t feel like him! But then it hit me: We don’t really know Fitz do we?
Let me rephrase that: We know him, but we really haven’t seen what he’s capable of, until now. And how well can you know a person if you don’t really know what they are capable of?
Fitz has been the “Political Saint”, the “White Knight in shining armor” because that’s the pedestal Olivia, Cyrus and Mellie have put him on. He never got dirty because he never HAD TO get dirty; He had his pit bulls (I put pit bulls on plural cause let’s face it: Liv and Mellie can be as hardcore as Cy when it comes to protecting Fitz and/or his legacy).
He said to Liv on 1x06, our beloved “The Trail”: “You underestimate how good of a politician I am.” and I think we ALL do. Or did.
I think this “cold” turn Fitz took serves to show to ALL of us (inside AND out of the Scandalverse) that Fitz is not a child. He has his ideals, he has his good, beautiful side, but just like everyone, he has a breaking point. He CAN fight for what he wants.
We are seeing now that he can get just as dirty as the worst of them (say what you will, Cy, Mellie and Liv never killed a woman with their bare hands. AGAIN, I STILL LOVE FITZGERALD THOMAS GRANT III).
Last week I got a little hung up on the hole “murder” business, but I have (sorta) gotten over that. What I’m having a really hard time getting over? Not the way he’s been treating Olivia, which is cold as hell but I get it, but the things he’s been saying to her.

Let’s get one thing straight: For ALL the shit Olivia pulled, she NEVER SAID ANYTHING to make him doubt for one second she loved him. She fucked up. On INUMEROUS occasions, but she NEVER, no matter how pissed off she was at him, said to him that he was anything less than the love of her life.
I get that he’s feeling alone, and angry, and betrayed, and with no ground, but when he started to throw on her face HER WORST NIGHTMARE, I can’t stand behind that. For all the doubts Olivia had, they were ALWAYS if HE loved her like she loved him. She never questioned the depth and strength of HER love for him. She has always known he was (and still is) It for her. Her insecurity always came from if she was It for him (which YES, is VERRYYYY STUPID)(one could argue that her insecurities came from defiance… Every flashback pre-defiance we see a very sure of their love Olivia, after defiance we see a Olivia “afraid” of Fitz, and looking for an easy way out. Guilty conscience anyone? YES SHE SHOULD HAVE TOLD HIM BEFORE IT ALL WENT TO HELL, but I don’t blame her for not telling him before David found out. PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY PEOPLE!!!!! She was protecting him, IN A GOOD WAY, not the paternalistic bad way. But as soon as the cat got out of the bag, HELL YEAH she should have told him, tough I’m not sure how much better that would have been)

I do hate the fact that during the 3 years he spent telling her she was “the love of my life”, that he’s “in love with an incredible woman”, “My every feeling is controlled by the look on your face”, “we are in this together”, AND TREATING HER AS SUCH, she was filled with doubt (or feeling undeserving of that treatment, again because of defiance); But the FIRST time he looks at her and calls her the M word (that I refuse to use, because of reasons; because “don’t you EVER call yourself a mistress, we both know better” will FOREVER be an Olitz Mantra) and treats her like it, NOOT ONLY she accepts it, SHE BELIEVES HIM.

To me, worst then she believing is he actually playing that card. Olivia DID deserve being taken a notch, but not like this. This was seriously below the belt. Yes, one COULD argue that rigging the election, in Fitz’s mind, meant validating his father’s opinion, which is also below the belt, but the difference is in the motive! That’s not why Olivia did it and if anything, she did it EXACTLY to DISPROVE BJ’s opinion of Fitz!!!  


I just realized that I started this talking about Fitz, and I will end talking about Olivia. Because as bad as his actions are, when you think about it, it’s the reaction of a person who’s been sheltered, pampered and taken care of for his entire life. Well, I mean the overreaction, the low blows, and the freeze outs; not the killing.
the killing is just… urgh
I wish Olivia would just LET GO of this guilt and self-doubt, because that’s the only way she’ll be great. And that’s the only way she’ll be able to help Fitz. She’s the one that has to give him a wake-up call.
But she never will if she keeps this bullshit up! She has to man up and tell HIM to man up! It’s ok to be angry and mad, but he has to be smart and see that this is bigger than “lover’s betrayal”. She gave him the chance to be GREAT (at the expense of her own greatness, may I add) and he’s just throwing that away right now. Don’t give me the “did she ASK him if he wanted to be great?” bullshit!! We ALL know he would be MUCH worst without the presidency. “Some man are meant to be great”.

Does this actually make any sense? Lawd have mercy
Shonda finally won. I have officially gone mad. Good bye lovelies, see you all in Scandal Rehab.


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