Yeah yeah, Jake is a stalker, Fitz is the creep who hired him, Mellie got what was coming for her the minute she threw Queen Beene under the bus, and all that jazz… Do you know what really got me?

… he knew she was part of the swimming team on high school. Do you know HOW MANY conversations you have to have with someone like Olivia Pope to find out that back in high school she was part of the swimming team? Sorry to burst your bubble Team “Fitz is a creep that only wants Liv for her cupcake”, this is as real as love gets. 

AND ALSO, he knows her SO DAMN WELL, that just by the way she acted while on the phone with Jake, he KNEW there’s a new guy in the picture. 

Fitz, as someone said earlier: you need Jesus boy! And Liv, for God’s sake, WOMAN UP WOMAN!!!!! But as always: OLITZ TILL THE END BITCHES!

Friday Feb 2 @ 01:38am
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    Agreed….he knows her too well to not have done what he did w/ Jake watching her for good reason…he was protecting her...
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    Love this!
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    He listens to her and still loves her.Liv is such a mess she even realizes now what she wanted and wants
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